CALL FOR ART.  Scroll through the themes below and apply to be considered for the show (or shows) that best embraces your art work. All entry fees are only $20.00 for 1 to 3 entries per theme. See more details at the bottom of this page. 


Deadline:  11/25/2021

Exhibition:  December

What is YOUR main theme or interest in art?  What have you created that you'd love to share with the world?  


Deadline:  10/20/21

Exhibition:  November

Trees serve as potent symbols in mythology, folklore, and culture - Tree of Life, World Tree, Tree of Knowledge. Their branches reach out, their roots dig in.  Show us your encounters with trees!




Collections.  Cabinets of curiosities. Objects used as allegorical symbolism through painting, sculpture or found objects.  Vanitas - symbolic reminders of life's impermanence. Still life as a subject has provided a platform for artists of different eras to explore their relationship with the world of objects that surround us.  How do you reinvent the still-life as subject in art?




The everyday.  Routine.  The ordinary.




Highways, dirt tracks, Park Avenue. Curves, turns, hills, lines, signs, bridges, barriers:  the architecture of passages.  Coming <--> going.  




Might time be the most precious thing we have? Time. We hoard it, spend it, waste it, and watch it. We organize our lives around it: clocks, schedules, calendars. We mourn it: funerals, mortality. And celebrate it: birthdays, anniversaries. It helps us forget . . . How does time impace or manifest in your work?


  • CLIMB shows are open to artists at all career-levels who are over 18 and submit original artworks. 

  • Submit 1 - 3 images of your highest quality works based on exhibition theme.

  • We try to describe each theme with a variety of inspirations and possibilities, but it is NOT a final descriptor.  We are totally open to a breadth of interpretations - surprise us!

  • If the show does not call for a specific medium (example:  watercolor), the art submitted may include traditional and non-traditional media including sound work, video or performance.

  • Video should be submitted via YouTube or Vimeo links found in application form.

  • The images submitted through our system for consideration will be the images used in the exhibition if accepted; uncropped or ill-lit images will not be considered.  Images should all be sized similarly - especially if they are a part of a cohesive series.   

  • Files should be JPG and no more than 4.0 MG each. 

  • Submit an image list that includes your name, and the work's title, dimensions, media, year of completion of each image submitted.​  Please submit this in English.

  • NO work is required to be shipped or insured!


  • This is a juried exhibition.  The work put on display was vetted by a professional artist.  Not all works submitted to a show will be selected for publication.  

  • "Best of Show" and "Best of Theme" awards come with a digital certificate to commemorate these achievements.

  • The owner/juror owned a downtown art gallery for over a decade before she became an art professor and is an advocate for empowering people to be the best they can be.


  • All images of artwork and rights relating to them, including copyright and ownership rights remain the property of the artist.​

  • All entries require a small yet non-refundable submission fee. This non-refundable submission fee goes towards enhancing visibility online. 

  • Submission itself does not guarantee the artist being selected.

  • Works selected for exhibition may be used by CLIMB for promotional purposes.

  • Receipt of payment will come to your email as a "".  Wufoo is a branch of the trusted company Survey Monkey.

  • By applying to the show/s you agree to the terms listed on this website.


Does the gallery have a physical location?  Not yet!  But we have our eye on a wonderful space in the Wilds of Western New York - stay tuned!

How do juried shows benefit artists?  Being accepted into a juried show provides artists with an elevated level of  credibility because someone in the "art world" saw potential in his/her work.  Also, having juried shows on a resume is important to some people's careers.  In fact, when I was charged with hiring art teachers I wanted proof of exhibition to ensure they understood the professional aspects of being a working artist.  I also thought it was important that they understood the vulnerability of sharing their works of art so they can better empathize with their students.  Finally, once you are ready to seek a solo show or gallery representation, you may have acquired a following through exposure.  This is enticing to gallery owners who hope to sell your work!


If my work is not selected for the show, should I give up?  NO!  Never give up!  Rejection may be based on many things.  Maybe the quality of the image was poor.  Or the theme did not stand out well enough.  Perhaps the work was too similar to another artists' work - but his/hers was just a little better in quality.  As a professional artist for 20+ years, my work still gets rejected but I keep on going! 

Do you provide feedback about my art?  We encourage you to ask some of your friends or creative associates for feedback, as it is not something we can offer.

Are online venues less credible than galleries in buildings?  We believe online venues offer artists an opportunity to show their work without the hassles of packing, shipping, providing postage for return, and purchasing insurance for transport and again for safety within a gallery.  The fact that people in Canada or Germany and places in-between can view the art is pretty cool, too - that doesn't happen as easily with local galleries!

What makes one online venue better than another?  First and foremost, I believe the quality of the website matters more than anything.  Entering a website is like entering a gallery space.  Is it clean?  Professional?  Easy to get information?  Do you feel comfortable having YOUR name associated with it?  Another thing to consider is the audience.  I am very leery of online galleries who play only to other artists.  Look for a gallery who nourishes art collectors, too.

Why are fees associated with this process?  Almost all juried shows have fees associated with them.   Each venue has their own unique expenses.  Some need to pay for electricity and signage, others use the money to pay jurors or give out monetary awards.  These types of shows can cost anywhere from $40.00 on up to enter!  For us, our fees go to help pay for software and electronic banking services.  It is our hope that once we get established, we might have money left over for award dollars - stay tuned!

Do you sell artworks?  If someone asks about a purchase, we link the artist with the buyer to discuss terms of sale.   Our online digital art STORE features CLIMB artists who are interested in selling reproductions.  We pay another company to print and ship the work to buyers and offer artists a very modest flat-rate to host their work.  It is our goal is to share art and to  build a following of collectors.